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TWEAK is a digital photo-retouching studio located in New York.

The company was founded in 2002 by Brenda Buck and Puspa Lohmeyer.  Its high-profile beauty, editorial and celebrity retouching could be seen on the pages of Vanity Fair, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Ebony, Glamour, and Vogue magazines.  The partnership continued until 2005.  

Brenda continues to retouch as TWEAK with a freelance staff and a dedicated list of clients.

Brenda’s passion and skill for retouching originates in her love for art.  She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1997 with a degree in Illustration and continues to develop her personal creative practice.

In 2013, TWEAK rebranded, relaunched and a new phase of the company began. The TWEAK family is expanding into a trusted community of freelance artists committed to professionalism, timeliness and the highest standards of quality.  In our continuing evolution, we are also working creatively in collaboration with photographers, magazines, brands and agencies, as well as artists and designers.